wall drawings

Title Location Country Date Category
Ceiling #10 Private Apartment France 2023 Wall Drawings
Wall in 27 Sections Orangerie de l'Hotel Bethune-Sully France 2023 Wall Drawings
Drawing #2 CB Gallery Ceysson & Bénétière Luxembourg 2023 Wall Drawings
Wall and Stairs Le Cattedrali Italy 2023 Wall Drawings
La Nostra Casa/Our House Fontivegge near Railway station Italy 2023 Wall Drawings
Rain in Your Black Eyes - For Ezio - A Sculpure Cappella Della Sacra Famiglia Italy 2023 Wall Drawings
2 Silos for the Future Dynamo Camp Italy 2022 Wall Drawings
Floor #10 Casa Falco Italy 2022 Wall Drawings
Drawing for a Shelf Casa Bonomo, Eremo Santa Maria Maddelena, Monteluco Italy 2022 Wall Drawings
The Walls of Horti Park Collegio Borromeo Italy 2022 Wall Drawings